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Our Center

 Lila Lane Outreach is a men's life recovery center, providing hope for the hopeless by serving men who have been unsuccessful in life, whether through their own actions or the actions of others. The only condition is a man's attitude toward positive change. Our focus on the Inner Man provides a method to achieve success in life recovery by providing a faith-based track. Lila Lane Outreach is governed by a Board of Directors, who care about the success of our residents. Our board generously gives of their time and resources to insure the men of Lila Lane Outreach achieve their potential.


Our Mission

 The mission of Lila Lane Outreach is to help men become contributing members of their families, positive role models for their children and productive members of their communities. 


Our Goal


The goal of Lila Lane Outreach is to produce Christian men who further the kingdom of God as well as lead productive and honorable lives for themselves and their communities through faith-based counseling, housing, ministry through Life Recovery Services!


Meet Our Staff

Wanda Miles, BS, LBSW - Executive Director


Wanda is a graduate of McLennan Community College and LeTourneau University. She is a Commissioned Minister with the Christian Church Disciples of Christ. Wanda is also a state licensed social worker and National and State Licensed guardian. Wanda has 24 years of experience advocating for families, children, elderly and disabled individuals. She and her husband Bill have been married for 16 years. Wanda has 2 children and 1 grandchild. Wanda enjoys cooking, sewing, traveling and meeting new people.  

Barbara Pettycrew, LCDC, CART - Program Director


  Barbara attended Lake Erie College for Women where she studied psychology. She is a graduate of Hazelden Institute of Substance Abuse Counseling, where she received a License as a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor. Barbara spent 30 years in Private Investigation while developing a Therapeutic and Narcotic Interdiction curriculum for school children and future clients. She was Director of Lila Lane Outreach from February 13, 2012, until Craig Gutermuth was recruited as Executive Director in 2015. At that time Barbara became the Program Director and Emotional Intelligence Specialist.  Barbara has been married to Jack for 54 years, who has been her biggest supporter. They have 2 children, 5 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Barbara enjoys relaxing in her recliner with a good book and her cat. Her biggest inspiration comes from "strangers" who remind her of her role in their lives.  

Grant Sisson, LCDC, LPC Intern - Counselor


 Grant is a graduate of Louisiana State University at Shreveport with a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and has recently obtained his LCDC License pictured.  Grant is an ordained minister with the independent Christian Church. He is currently a Commissioned Minister with the Christian Church Disciples of Christ.  He provides the individual, family and Pastoral counseling for our residents and others in the community. Grant and his wife Ann have been married for 45 years. They have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Grant enjoys jamming with his bass guitar and drag racing old hot rods.  

Meet Our House Leaders

Tommy Richey - Sr. House Leader


Tommy has had a long career as a truck driver. He came to Lila Lane February 11, 2019 to begin his journey in recovery. His plan once he leaves Lila Lane is to return to trucking as a hotshot driver. Tommy loves fishing, reading his Bible and following his Lord, Jesus Christ.

Reggie Marino - House Leader


 Reggie has had many different jobs from warehouse work, deliveries and a cook. He found himself with bad friends, in a bad marriage and what he describes as "good decisions made in a bad way." Reggie was tired of going in the wrong direction. He has learned to give God control of his life and listen to His direction. Reggie is involved in helping the new residents and being part of the Lila Lane family. Reggie came to Lila Lane on New Year's Day in 2019. He is our resident cook and a house leader. 

Thomas Wade - House Leader


Thoma came to Lila Lane after serving a 9 year prison sentence. He came looking for a place to begin a new life. Lila Lane gave him that opportunity. Thomas is now working full time at Champion Homes, a local mobile home manufacturing company. Thomas is working on his goals of developing a closer relationship with God and saving money to meet his future needs. 


Scott Hendrix


Joe Zech


Brent Mitchum


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Lonely Cage

I sit inside this lonely cage.

My hands are clenched in fists of rage,

As each day passes, I feel I've aged.

Alone! Oh, so alone!

It's not one of stone and bar.

It's much worse than that, by far!

It's got to be the most horrible kind!

'Cause I'm a prisoner in my own mind!

I search, I run, I try to hide.

I just can't get away from this feeling inside.

As each day passes, I feel I've died.

Alone! Oh, so alone!

But now I have time for nothing else.

With God's help,

I will come to terms with myself!



Introducing Faith and Recovery



  1. Must be able to make a 6 month commitment. Our program is a 6 month program.
  2. Must be 24 years of age or older.
  3. Must be male. We are a men only facility.
  4. Must be willing to enter recovery, giving up addictive behaviors and have an attitude toward positive change.
  5. Must have the ability to take care of daily living activities.
  6. Must not be on an ankle monitor.
  7. Must not be on any psychotropic drugs.
  8. Must have the ability to meet financial needs.
  9. Must not be a sex offender of have charges of aggravated assault.
  10. Must participate in all meetings, house activities and events.
  11. Must not be in need of detox. We are not a detox facility. You may be accepted after detox from a detox facility.
  12. If you meet the above criteria, please reach out to us via email or phone using the contact link below to schedule an intake interview.

We look forward to working with you on your road to recovery.

Change a Life

Your support and contributions will enable us to give hope to the hopeless. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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